mrp.jpgMy annual copy of Model Railroad Planning arrived today, and per usual, it had a little of ‘something for everyone’. While I enjoy reading all the articles, I was particularly intrigued by Bob Chapman’s piece entitled ‚ÄúLandmark Scenes”. In the article he discussed designing small pikes that we intended for the standard 4’x8′ sheet of plywood ‘ but instead of focusing on cramming an unnecessary amount of track in a small space, he discussed the merits of modeling a single prototypical scene ‘ with vast amounts of compressions ‘ in an effort to create a prototypically interesting model. In the article he offered up two excellent plans for both the Red Rocks on the Delaware & Hudson, and the Keddie Wye of the Western Pacific.

The article was refreshing, as most small plans seem to emphasise the importance of focusing as much operating potential as possible in a small space, as opposed to modeling a prototypically accurate scene. As such, I decided to try designing a small prototype-inspired layout using this same philosophy. The result was the Tehachapi Loop in N Scale ‘ on a door!